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About Aurelian Rado

About Me

Aurelian Rado
QHHT Dedicated Practitioner

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Out Of This World | Guests: Aurelian Rado & Nataline St. Tours

My name is Aurelian Rado and ever since I have started nursing school I have realized that there has to be something more out there than what we are being taught. Fortunately, through research and pure faith I have come across Dolores Cannon's amazing technique. In my opinion Dolores is a pioneer in the field of past life regression. She has been doing this for over 45 years. You might be asking why I refer to her in the present tense?


That is because since her passing in 2014 she comes through many of my sessions and also communicates through channels when the opportunity arises. For me Dolores or Mama D. as we affectionally call her, has really put the pieces together. She still is very much a pioneer because she is still guiding, encouraging and inspiring us from the other side. 

I am very happy to have attended Dolores Cannon's classes and as a result I am a level two certified practitioner. I am also proud to say that I am a Dedicated Practitioner. ​ 


My only truly interest is to be able to help others. I truly believe that what matters most is your intention. As long as you do things from a good heart with good intentions and are truly dedicated to what you are doing than the end result has to be good.

About QHHT

About QHHT 

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"We are living in the most important time in the history of the universe." - Dolores Cannon

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Happy Clients

"I had an eye opening QHHT session with Aurelian. My session brought shades of color in front of me and when I asked, each one of them had something for me, a reason for being there in my presence.  It was as though we are connected to everything in life, even if we see it as a shade of color.  It is there in our life for support to us and is a living energy.  At one point I had a light to come in front of me in a circle shape and appear as though it was laying on my chest or entering my torso.


 I felt embarrassed to say Source was there, for fear I would be appearing to have an ego trip, but finally said, “I have the impression Source is here.” 


I had had an earlier session when I stated I was “a part” of Source.  I believe this session was telling me, no you are Source, you and Source are one, Source is living and breathing within you every moment. There were many ‘aha’ moments besides these that I received from the session and will see Aurelian again for other QHHT sessions."


"I highly recommend Quantum Healing Hypnosis Therapy to anyone who is open-minded enough to learn how to heal and become more fulfilled in their life. I had two amazing Quantum Healing Hypnosis sessions with Aurelian and I have to say that it was amazing. I really didn’t know what to expect, because I had heard that no matter how many times you have the sessions, it could be a different experience each time, and sure enough, mine were both different.


I love his voice because it is so relaxing. He took me through a past life in which I was a beam of light that protects the Earth. It was shocked and amazed when I found out why I came to Earth to be an human and learned my purpose in this life. When he brought out my Higher Self it was a great experience, and I could feel myself having a conversation with a source of Higher Power inside my own body. I felt like a powerful energy and pure love had come through me.


I'm glad that I found Quantum Healing Hypnosis Therapy. Since my session, my life has changed; it has helped me find myself and more clearly connect with the source."

"Aurelian's skill and passion for the QHHT work enable him to be such a focused practioner. In my experience he has always provided such a rich experience. I had many sessions with him.


My questions were always answered and I got a lot of additional, but valuable information. It's so interesting to see how the pieces of information fit together and mesh with other things going on in my life. In some sessions it is immediately clear to me in the moment  the meaning of the message(s), in others it's only a matter of time before I do completely understand.


He is patient with the work and invites as many questions as you could possibly think of. I never know where the work will lead, but it is always fascinating and valuable.


I would highly recommend Aurelian."



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